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olivia korenberg


 Olivia Korenberg procured undeniable quality as the past buddy of Seann William Scott, the renowned American performer, comic, and creator saw for his parts in notable movies like American Wedding and American Pie. The couple got the bundle in September 2019. Regrettably, their intimate journey took a downturn when Scott began separate from strategies from Olivia in February 2024. Jump further into their genuine experience; it’s a story worth researching.

Who Is Olivia Korenberg?

Brought into the world on December 1, 1989, in California, US, Olivia Korenberg is an American resident of Caucasian plummet. Keeping a held disposition with respect to her own life, she likes to keep insights concerning her family, including her folks and kin, undisclosed. In spite of her noticeable quality, little is had some significant awareness of her initial life.

Korenberg left on her scholarly excursion at the College of Southern California, where she sought after a Four year education in liberal arts degree in French, which she effectively got in 2010. Hence, she facilitated her schooling at the College of California, Los Angeles, where she dug into the domain of inside design, graduating with a graduate degree in the field in 2012. These instructive pursuits established the groundwork for her future undertakings in the imaginative domain of plan and occasion arranging.

Olivia Korenberg Early Life

Brought into the world in California in December 1989, Olivia Korenberg stays subtle in regards to her familial foundation. Her excursion in scholarly community started with a Four year education in liberal arts degree in French, which she accomplished in 2010. In this way, she sought after her energy for configuration by selecting at the College of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she devoted herself to dominating the complexities of inside engineering. In 2012, at 24 years old, Korenberg gladly strolled the stage to accept her graduate degree, denoting a huge achievement in her instructive interest and establishing the groundwork for her future undertakings. Notwithstanding her scholarly accomplishments, Korenberg’s own life stays hidden, taking a subtle approach with a lot of inquisitive spectators.

Olivia Korenberg Wiki

Full NameOlivia Korenberg
Date of BirthDecember 1, 1989
Age34 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthCalifornia, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Height (feet)5’7”
Height (centimeters)170
Weight (pounds)137
Weight (kilograms)62
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandSeann William Scott
Children1 (Frankie Rose)
EducationUniversity of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles
ProfessionInterior designer, event planner
Net Worth$500 thousand – $600 thousand

Olivia Korenberg Education

Subsequent to completing her optional school guidance, she set out on extra educational pursuits, as recorded on her public LinkedIn profile.In 2006, Korenberg began her assessments at the School of Southern California, where she gained her long term certificate in French in 2010.Following her undergrad graduation, she continued with her enlightening journey at the School of California, completing a two-year program and earning her alumni college education in inside designing in 2012.

Olivia Korenberg Age

As of December 2023, Olivia Korenberg is ready to check her 34th birthday celebration, pondering her excursion during some other time of life’s encounters and development. Brought into the world under the zodiac indication of Sagittarius, she encapsulates the characteristics regularly connected with this celestial sign, like freedom, good faith, and a hunger for investigation. As she moves toward this achievement, Korenberg keeps on exploring her way with a mix of interest, excitement, and assurance, molding her own and proficient undertakings en route.

Olivia Korenberg Height

Remaining at a level of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters), Olivia Korenberg has an exquisite height that supplements her calling as an occasion organizer. With a load of roughly 137 pounds (62 kilograms), she keeps a reasonable and sound physical make-up. Her unmistakable elements incorporate dull earthy colored hair that approaches her face with complexity, combined with dazzling earthy colored eyes that radiate warmth and appeal. These actual properties, joined with her expert aptitude, add to her general presence and effect in the realm of plan and occasion arranging.

Olivia Korenberg Career

Korenberg’s profession in the plan business started in 2009, denoting the start of her excursion as an occasion organizer and inside creator. Perceived for her inborn innovativeness, she at first entered the field as a plan colleague prior to progressing to the job of venture director at Katie Fie Plan. It was during this time that Korenberg, close by her colleague Jenn Pablo, left on another part by helping to establish Twofold LA, a shop configuration firm having some expertise in occasion arranging and both business and private inside plans.

The couple’s aggregate skill in plan empowered them to fit their manifestations to meet the extraordinary inclinations and necessities of every client, bringing about remarkable plans that consistently mixed usefulness with style. As Twofold LA gathered acknowledgment, they became pursued for their capacity to make remarkable weddings and huge scope occasions, setting their standing as a noticeable inside plan business in the clamoring city of Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, in 2019, reports surfaced showing Korenberg’s takeoff from the organization. Tending to this improvement on her Instagram, she pondered her almost eight-year residency, thinking back about the excursion from the organization’s initiation to its development and achievement. Korenberg recognized her development from a beginner in the business world at 23 years old to a carefully prepared business visionary, skilled at exploring the difficulties of running a fruitful undertaking. Notwithstanding her takeoff from Twofold LA, Korenberg’s inheritance in the plan business keeps on rousing, as she wanders into new open doors and attempts, equipped with the significant encounters acquired en route.

Olivia Korenberg Net Worth

As detailed by Hiptoro and Pinkvilla, Olivia Korenberg’s assessed total assets falls inside the scope of $500 thousand to $600 thousand starting around 2024. Her gathered abundance transcendently comes from her fruitful undertakings as both an inside fashioner and occasion organizer. Through her commitment and skill in these fields, Korenberg has figured out how to cut out a monetarily remunerating vocation way for herself, hardening her situation as a regarded proficient in the business.

Seann William Scott Wife 

Olivia Korenberg, a local of California, was brought into the world on December 1, 1989. While she keeps a confidential life, little is realized about her family foundation, including her folks and kin. Theory recommends that her family name indicates Jewish legacy, yet substantial subtleties stay tricky.

Her instructive excursion started in the wake of finishing secondary school, as she sought after a Four year college education in French Language at the College of South Carolina, graduating with distinction. Following her undergrad studies, she changed to the College of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she dug into inside design. In 2012, Korenberg arose with a Graduate degree in the field, denoting a critical achievement in her scholarly undertakings.

In spite of her relationship with a prestigious entertainer, Korenberg keeps a tactful profile, selecting not to unveil a lot of about her own life or childhood. This confounding atmosphere encompassing her adds a charming layer to her public persona, passing on numerous to ponder the lady in the background.

Olivia Korenberg Family

Olivia Martin Korenberg, brought into the world on December twentieth, 1987, in California, USA, exemplifies the energetic pith of a Sagittarius, described by her courageous and curious nature. Notwithstanding keeping a low open profile, she esteems her security, obvious from her circumspect presence via virtual entertainment stages, including her secret phrase safeguarded Instagram account. Hypothesis proliferates with respect to the impacts molding her persona, given the restricted data accessible about her family foundation.

Korenberg’s scholastic process started at the College of Southern California, where she submerged herself in her energy for the French language, finishing in the fulfillment of a four year certification in 2010. This early pursuit mirrors her significant appreciation for social variety and semantic wealth, demonstrating a widened perspective.

Driven by a longing to incorporate her semantic skill with spatial inventiveness, Korenberg set out on a groundbreaking way at the College of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Here, she embraced the Expert’s program in Inside Engineering at 24 years old, diving profound into plan standards and leveling up her abilities in conceptualizing and executing imaginative spatial arrangements.

Olivia Korenberg Husband Seann William Scott

Scott, a cultivated American entertainer eminent for his comedic ability, earned far and wide respect for his notable depiction of “Steve Stifler” in the hit film “American Pie.” Brought into the world in Minnesota in 1976, Scott left on his acting process during the 1990s, at first showing up in TV series like “Sweet Valley High.” In spite of beginning with minor jobs, his advancement came in 1999 with his vital exhibition as “Steve Stifler.” The progress of “American Pie” impelled Scott into the spotlight, prompting his backlash of the job in the spin-offs delivered in 2001, 2003, and 2012.

Past his depiction of “Steve Stifler,” Scott exhibited his flexibility with driving jobs in other striking movies, for example, “Fella, Where’s My Vehicle?” and “Impenetrable Priest,” further hardening his status as a flexible entertainer. With his irresistible comedic timing and charming presence on screen, Scott keeps on enrapturing crowds with his exhibitions, solidifying his place as quite possibly of Hollywood’s most darling ability.

Olivia Korenberg Children

At this point, Olivia Korenberg and Scott have not invited any youngsters into their lives. Notwithstanding their childless status, the couple’s bond is by all accounts prospering, with their relationship obviously flourishing away from the glare of the public eye. Olivia and Scott stand apart among superstar couples for their amicable association, without any outrages or contentions. Their marriage fills in as a guide of strength and satisfaction in the frequently turbulent universe of Hollywood, encapsulating an organization based on shared regard, trust, and certifiable love.

Olivia Korenberg Relationship Status

Sean William Scott is broadly hush about his own life, and he doesn’t uncover a lot during interviews. In any case, reports expressed that he dated Victoria’s Mystery model Dianna Mill operator from 2005 to 2008, and that he was once connected with to another model, Lindsay Frimodt. In 2019, he wedded an inside originator named Olivia Korenberg.

Olivia Korenberg On Instagram

Olivia Korenberg’s obligation to protection is clear in her own life as well as in her web-based entertainment presence, especially on Instagram. With her record right now set to private, she stresses her craving for a degree of detachment in both individual and expert circles. This purposeful decision confines admittance to any updates, be it individual or expert, guaranteeing that her web-based presence stays protected from public examination. By keeping up with this limit, Olivia affirms command over her advanced impression, permitting her to explore the internet based world as per her own terms and inclinations.

Seann William Scott & Olivia Korenberg Divorce 

On February 12, 2024, Seann William Scott started separate from procedures from Olivia Korenberg in a Los Angeles Province court, refering to beyond reconciliation contrasts. Court reports acquired by Individuals uncover that the couple formally isolated on October 2, 2023. In the legitimate filings, the American entertainer and maker communicates his craving for joint lawful and actual care of their girl, Frankie.


Birth and Background: Olivia Korenberg was born on December 1, 1989, in California, United States. She is of Caucasian descent, but details about her family background, including her parents and siblings, remain undisclosed.

Education: Olivia pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French. She furthered her education at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), earning a Master’s degree in Interior Design.

Career: Olivia Korenberg began her career in the design industry in 2009. She co-founded Double LA, a boutique design firm specializing in event planning and interior design. Her expertise and creativity garnered recognition in the industry, leading to the success of Double LA’s projects, including weddings and large-scale events.

Personal Life: Olivia was previously married to Seann William Scott, a well-known American actor and comedian. The couple tied the knot in September 2019 but unfortunately divorced later on, with official separation occurring in October 2023. They have one daughter together named Frankie Rose.

Net Worth: Olivia Korenberg’s estimated net worth ranges between $500,000 to $600,000, mainly accumulated through her successful career as an interior designer and event planner.


Olivia Korenberg, brought into the world in California in 1989, is an American inside creator and occasion organizer known for her work at Twofold LA, a famous plan firm. She holds a Four year college education in French from the College of Southern California and a Graduate degree in Inside Plan from UCLA. Olivia’s vocation features incorporate helping to establish Twofold LA and adding to its outcome in making one of a kind plans for weddings and different occasions. Notwithstanding her expert accomplishments, Olivia’s own life acquired consideration because of her union with entertainer Seann William Scott, which sadly finished in separate. All through her vocation and individual excursion, Olivia Korenberg has set up a good foundation for herself as a regarded figure in the plan business, displaying her ability and devotion to her art.


What is Olivia Korenberg’s educational background?

Olivia pursued a Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Southern California and later earned a Master’s degree in Interior Design from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

What is Olivia Korenberg’s net worth?

Olivia Korenberg’s estimated net worth ranges between $500,000 to $600,000, primarily derived from her successful career as an interior designer and event planner.

Who is Olivia Korenberg’s ex-husband?

Olivia Korenberg was previously married to Seann William Scott, the famous American actor known for his roles in “American Pie” and other hit movies.

Does Olivia Korenberg have any children?

Olivia Korenberg has one daughter named Frankie Rose from her marriage to Seann William Scott.

What is Olivia Korenberg’s height and weight?

Olivia Korenberg stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall and weighs approximately 137 pounds (62 kilograms).

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